When you pair a low card, it is easy for your enemy to make a higher pair.

I really enjoyed reading Irene Edith’s poker resolution on the December 12th issue of GamingToday. And I told him. In its resolution it offers some phenomenal opinions for poker players looking to improve their results at the table. I can hardly do. Let me make a few comments.

• While Irene’s resolution to “avoid most rivers to cross” is a clever, increasingly important play on words, it warns us that a vulnerable hand can become helpless with three or more enemies staying to watch the game. River. There are several steps that can be taken to avoid this situation so that you do not lean over the river to visit wilayahpoker, think about the development of the table together with fewer and fewer hunters.

• Fold your cards frequently, he says, when there is an increase in pay before you have to act. The more enemies they raise or raise, the stronger your starting hand will be. Also, I love his comment: “If you see failure persistently often compared to one in four hands, your game is very weak. Squeeze to be champion. ”

• Don’t be so strict, he warns. Once your enemy learns this, your winning pot can get smaller and smaller; Plus, the game fees will quickly eat up some of those chips, making you a loser.

• Irene then decides not to play Hi-Lo hands – a high card (Ace goes down to 10) and a low card (7 goes down to 2) for your hole cards. You don’t need to take a few minutes to add your Hold’em algorithm score. However, I see that some players often stick around to see how unsuccessful they are with Ace-rag anywhere (and sometimes King-rag). If he plays an Ace, the other player who has an Ace in the hole will likely have the best kicker, making him the second best – a loser. When you pair a low card, it is easy for your enemy to make a higher pair.

Encouraged by Irene, here are some New Years poker resolutions I thought of.

• With a few exceptions, an incorrect KQ fold, KJ, K-10, QJ could be less when an Ace is knocked down at a full (or nearly full) table, as well as tight players betting or raising before you. you have to act. Exception: large balanced draw; open staircase project; any set; or two pairs using at least one of your hole cards. Finally, be careful if the enemy has two pairs or sets that are increasing.

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